Pro / Broadcast Audio

With over 20 years in broadcast television technical support and professional / commercial installation we are proud to supply and back products from these premium quality audio manufacturers:

Aeromic Sweatproof headmic & accessories for the fitness industry
AKG Microphones, Wireless Audio, Headphones
Alto Amplifiers, Mixers, Processors and PA systems
Allen & Heath Commercial/Architectural Speakers, Amplifiers & Accessories
Apart Commercial/Architectural Speakers, Amplifiers & Accessories
Belden Cables
Canare Cable, Connectors, Patchbays, BNC Tools
dbx Studio outboard processors, digital zone mixers, digital speaker processors
DPA Microphones, Windshields
Dynaudio Acoustics Passive & Powered Monitor Speakers
Genelec Active Monitor Speaker Systems
JBL P.A. Systems, Studio Monitors
K&M Stands for Mics, Speakers, Music, Lights and Bodies (they make stools)
Lightwave Booms, Mic Mounts, Windshields
Mackie Mixers, P.A. Systems, Studio Monitors, Amplifiers, Digital Multitrack Recorders
Neumann Microphones
Neutrik Connectors, Patchbays, Stageboxes
NTI Neutrik Test Instruments for maintenance of audio equipment; improvement, verification and debugging of audio installations and live sound; acoustical and industrial vibration analysis.
Pelican Watertight Cases for Production Equipment
Petrol Bags Protective Bags for Production Equipment
PMC Passive & Powered Monitor Speakers
Portabrace Protective Bags for Production Equipment
Proel Mixers, P.A. Speakers, Amplifiers, Cables, DJ Gear
Rycote Mic Windshields & Suspension Systems
sE Electronics Microphones, Acoustic Panels, Large Microphone Stands
Sennheiser Microphones, Wireless Audio, Headphones
Shure Microphones, Wireless Audio, Earphones
Sound Devices Location Mixers, Preamps, Headphone Amps, Digital Recorders
Tannoy Loudspeakers, Amplifiers (Studio/High Level P.A/Commercial) Note: We do not supply the Hi-Fi range.
TC Electronic Studio / Live Processors
VDB Carbon Fibre Mic Booms

We can also custom make pretty much any audio (or video) cable you can think of. Mic and guitar leads, RCA interconnects, speaker cables, AES/EBU and SPDIF digital, multi-core, RS422 and so on. Please email or telephone us with your request.

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